Chipper FitzChipper
Founding Owner & President / EC13003980
Chipper started his electrical career in 1994. After the completion of a 4-year apprentice program, he received his journeyman’s license. Chipper saw great growth in the Ft Myers area and a need for a new electrical contractor who would provides unbeatable levels of customer service, quality workmanship and on-time performance.

Chipper is the administrative owner that handles the daily business of overseeing the project managers; prepares, negotiates, and finalizes bid proposals; and provides the future direction for the company.


Anthony ForgioneAnthony
Founding Owner & Vice President / EC13003872
Anthony also began his electrical career in 1994. Anthony, together with Chipper, established Elite Electrical Contractors, Inc. in September of 2001.

While being the technical administrator of Elite, Anthony utilizes his electrical expertise as the principal estimator, oversees all projects and makes technical evaluations while providing superior customer service. His extensive knowledge of NEC electrical code enables Elite to provide quality workmanship and timely completions of projects.




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